Top 10 most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country and it is famous for their beaches or rivers and temples from different cities. Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and Vietnamese is their official language. And because many foreigners would like to come and visit the city, people have learned to speak English for better communication and improvement of tourism.

There are so many places to visit in Vietnam. And it would be best for you to plan your stay as soon as possible because Vietnam has been one of the main tourist destinations in Southeast Asia since 1990s. Many among foreign visitors are fascinated by Vietnam’s magnificent in nature.

Ha Long Bay is in the north of Vietnam and is known as the “Bay of Descending Dragons.” It is composed of islands, caves and lakes.

The seven-story, Thien Mu Pagoda is the tallest temple located in Hue and is overlooking the Perfume River.

Hoan Kiem Lake is located in the center of Hanoi. According to legend King Le Loi was provided an enchanted sword to let invaders off and later returned the sword to the turtle god in this lake.

Hoi An or the “Venice of Vietnam” is located along the shores of the South China Sea. This village is a famous fishing village for tourists.

The Chu Chi Tunnels sounds scary, but they are a huge network of underground tunnels connected together and it is in the northwest of Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon. According to history, those tunnels are used as a hiding place throughout the Vietnam Wars. And what’s fun and exciting in those tunnels re that the tourists are allowed to sneak around the tunnel. Book a  Chu Chi tunnels tour to experience.


Mui Ne is one of the most popular sites in Vietnam when it comes to kites and wind surfing. It is also in Mui Ne where you can find some sand hills and it is best to be in this place during the sunset so that you can see the beautiful views. Continue reading “Top 10 most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam” »

Trekking Tips on Preparing for One

Here is an introduction to the following advice on preparing yourself for a trekking adventure. A trek can contain backpacking, hiking or walking through trails from your campsite just. But one object can be for sure, if you have by no means completed a trek which includes backpacking then there are points you must do and find out before you always precede it alone. If you are extremely fortunate and know a very experienced backpacker or hiker plus they are willing to take you with them on a number of their treks then you can certainly probably forego the suggestions because they can educate you on in your travels collectively.

Before we continue let’s lightly contact on what experienced means. This means anyone who has engaged in a large amount different trekking encounters in all types of climate, in every types of terrain and is quite amply trained in survival application and techniques. Otherwise you should go through and consider following a tips as a simple guideline before you ever actually think about heading on a trek only.

trekking guide

The first tip to consider is Research. You are usually an excellent and valuable method to obtain the right details about whichever task you need to undertake. Books on hiking and backpacking from the library are excellent sources of information; internet sites which have information on those topics are also great if you discover the proper ones that provide you quality information.

The second tip will be equipment and using good sense about any of it. Travel as light as possible. Backpack, clothes, tent, backpack stove, gas, mat, hydration, pans and pots, medications, personal hygiene products (shampoo, deodorant, etc.) and a variety of other are just some of the options of items that you wish to consider with you on your own trek.

Read this review to find more info about 

The 3rd tip is take the right time to do trial trail treks to get accustomed to different situations, different environments, a number of weather, and various terrains Anyone can go out and do a small trekking on a beautiful summer day. But once you get out there plain things can transform dramatically. You can venture out on that Continue reading “Trekking Tips on Preparing for One” »

Hue City tour 1 day

When it comes to historical places in the Southeast Asia, you must not fail to come and visit the tourist attractions in Vietnam. During the wars and the reigns of the Emperors, a colorful history was recorded. Looking back at those times will make you realize that history played a big part on what you have become. One of the most visited places in Vietnam is Hue City, which is located in the central part of Vietnam. Hue is the national capital of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945. It is where the Nguyen Dynasty Emperor’s seat.

Among the most famous tourist attractions in Hue are the Imperial City, the Thien Mu Pagoda, the Tomb of Khai Dinh, the Mieu, the Thai Hoa Palace and the Mount Ngu Binh.  Aside from exploring the wider history of the Hue City, there are many things that you can do in Hue to enjoy your tour to the fullest. You may move around the city and enjoy shopping and boat riding, go to the park, beach and resorts. A day is not really enough to go around the Hue City, but let me give you an idea about a day tour in the city of Hue.

Hue city tour

On your trip to Hue, you have to start touring early in the morning so that you can reach your destination on time. You will be given a particular time to spend for each of the destinations. You will have 60 minutes to explore the Minh Mang Tomb. You will have another 40 minute tour to the Khai Dinh Tomb. Also 40 minute tour is given to your Tu Doc Tomb exploration. You will also be given a chance to visit the Conical Hat Making Village and the Incense Making Village for 20 minutes. For the Kinh Van An Martial Art tour, you will have 30 minutes to spend. You need to go back to the town to have lunch. Traditional foods, Asian foods and Western dishes are available and served.

After lunch, you are going to continue your Hue City tour. You will be given time to explore the Hue Citadel. This historic site in Hue was first constructed under Gia Long, who was the first among the Nguyen Dynasty emperors. You will have about 90 minutes to explore the site. You will also have 30 minutes to visit the Thien Mu Pagoda. Before ending the Hue City, you will be given enough time to enjoy the Perfume River. You will also see the fishing villages and the sampan along your boat trip. Continue reading “Hue City tour 1 day” »

Go Anywhere Toddler Travel bed

For travelling families, bringing along your kids, means you need to carry with you many equipments to give them comfort. There is nothing to worry about since there are many gears that are designed to give them convenience and comfort even when on the road. I have listed here some go anywhere toddler travel bed that will suit your little one. These are the best choices for travel comfort for toddlers when taking a nap or good night sleep in a fishing trip, camping trip or staying a hotel.

Go Anywhere Toddler Travel bed


Best Choice of Go anywhere toddler travel bed

  • Shrunks Tuckaire Toddler inflatable travel bed
  • Shrunk Tuckaire air bed are great cause the only use phthalate free and non toxic material. Hazard free chemical beds for a security and comfort of your little one to sleep on
  • This bed has a patented system that lets you tuck the sheet under the mattress snugly therefore the sheet stay clean.
  • Perfect to bring along hotels, relative visits, camping
  • Comes with high pressure electric pump which can inflate and deflate the air bed fast.
  • Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler bed
  • Perfect for travelling, visiting relatives, camping, daycare
  • Has built in steel frame, very durable canvass made bed liner
  • The frame is lightweight steel frame that is easy to carry and fold
  • Most recommended for the fold and go system type of portable travel bed making it really convenient
  • Comes with a carrying case to keep the cot clean and it includes washable fitted sheet
  • Can be used by kids less than 75 lbs ( 2 years +)
  • Yo Gabba Gabba Nap Mat
  • Visually adorable cause of its very colorful design making sleepover really fun
  • The design makes it a very good portable bed for little kids
  • Provided with plush blanket and removable pillow for a very cozy experience for you little one
  • Lightweight and portable cause you can carry this mat very easily and store along in the trunk of the car fast.
  • Machine washable material for easy maintenance
  • Size is ideal for toddlers (46″x 21″)
  • Joovy Foocot Portable Child Cot
  • Portable and very versatile, your kids will love it as a great alternative when travelling
  • Built with pockets for storage where you can insert kids personal belongings like toys, books, etc
  • Comes in various colors like blue, orange, green and pink
  • Kids will fit no more than 48″ in height and about 75 lbs in weight
  • Durable cause of its steel frame, and nylon fabric
  • Very portable cause you can easily fold and store it when travelling
  • KidCo PeaPod Plus Travel bed
  • Perfect for kids 3 years and below with a weight of no more than 75 lbs
  • Made of the finest material with a built in sleeping pad
  • Provides a carry bag, UV protection, zipper panel, and for ventilation a lightweight mesh
  • Available in 2 colors: Navy blue and kiwi green.

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Three of the Best Resorts in Europe for the entire Family

I have been to a lot of resorts in Europe for families in my years of travel and blogging but this is the best in terms of traveling with family especially if you bring your kids along with you.

First on my list is the famous Westin Dragonara that is located in Malta. As soon as you step through the doors of their hotel, you will instantly feel the holiday vibe and you will also see right away a breathtaking sight of their majestic pool and vast glittering beach. This resort is owned by the Starwood group, that permeates a unique laidback vibe. One of the great things this resort offers is its very spacious environment. Meaning all places like the public areas and the guests rooms are big and you will not feel suffocated with too many people in a tight place.

Best Resorts in Europe


This resort also offers outdoor Jacuzzis, kiddie pools and 2 enormous outdoor pools. For people who like a more casual vibe, I recommend the Reef pool. The Reef pool is children’s games and entertainments are held. However if you want to have a more relaxed vibe, try the free flowing Bay view pool.

Second place on my list is the famous Martinhal Beach resort and Hotel found in Portugal. This resort may be new but it does have a punch. This is a famous hotel that is the talk of the town all across Europe. It is made to blend in the wonders of both the coastal area and the natural park that envelops it. They also have a wide variety of accommodations to choose from. They offer standard hotel rooms, duplex suites to self catering luxury villas, whichever you think will suit you best.

One of their popular attraction is their kids club that is very well equipped. They have tons of activities to offer for the children like dolphin watching, windsurfing lessons and they also can take care of your babies. For bigger kids, they have an academy for tennis and football as well as spa treatments.

If you crave for a delicious meal and you haven’t decided on what kind you will eat, you may choose from a wide variety of international and local restaurants. Continue reading “Three of the Best Resorts in Europe for the entire Family” »

Fighting With A Tactical Flashlight Efficiently

When you go out at night, you are usually afraid of being attacked by the strangers. And you need something else you can carry along with you to protect you in some cases. You cannot use the knife or the gun because of the policy of the government. But do not worry; a flashlight can become an alternative thing to support you. Let’s pass through the article to know how to fight with a flashlight.

Fire it up

As soon as you hear the sound like someone is following you, immediately turn on your flashlight. Use the tool and make the attacker be impossible to see where you are. If you need, the highest level can be used. You have to remember that the light needs to focus directly on his face.

via The Best Tactical Flashlight Buyers Guide

via The Best Tactical Flashlight Buyers Guide

Hit first

After you make the opponent become blinded by the flashlight, you have to act right at that time in case he gets used to the light. Can you run away? Or you have to fight to the attacker. If you choose to fight, do it immediately. You should focus all of your strength on the hit in order that the opponent cannot attack you back.

Strengthen your blow

In the case that you do not have enough strengthen to hit the attacker. The blow of the flashlight is your partner at that time. By a hit with the blow, the opponent is believed to lie on the ground. If you use your hand, you will make yourself hurt and it’s also useless to the attacker.

Target sensitive areas

When fighting to protect the lives of yourself or your family, you do not feel the mercy. The next thing you have to notice is that you need to hit the sensitive areas. They are his eyes, head, nose or his throat. Do not lose your time or your force in the other areas like his back or legs. That is useless to attack them. Moreover, you should take advantage of the metal material of the flashlight to attack the opponent. Because the metal is really hard, he will feel much more painful.

Call for help

There is no need for you to spend all your time hitting the attacker. In the case you are just alone here and you are able to run away, let’s leave after hitting him. But there are other people here and they cannot leave because of their scary, the smartest way for you at this time is to call the police. All the entire work belongs to the police.

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