4 Tips When Choosing a Travel Baseball Program

Alright, I know you’re here to figure out something helpful for you and your child. We should admit there are loads of baseball coaches/instructors or organizations that you can look for, but HOW to make a right decision is necessary. You might have been wondering if you should choose a team or coaching program by their achievements or if their price is affordable. Don’t feel stressful because I’m going to help you out with these following tips and hopefully the problem will be sorted.

1. It’s about the first steps: Let your kid(s) enjoy the game!

Yes, sports will certainly never be a lovely thing if you don’t enjoy it. So do your kids. At the academy level, you and the baseball coaches should not ask too much for winning from our angels. Let them play and drawn in the game, let them understand it thoroughly and improve the level day by day. Remember you back in the childhood time in your physical class, did you make it at the first time? We’re just humans, even the stars grow by training. As a coach, he should inspire your kid(s) to love and enjoy the game, raise their interest and confidence in baseball. This is really important. Kids only want to learn more if they actually like it. So be wise and elaborate on choosing baseball coaches that hold the sporty attitude.


2. See if the coach knows how to point out the mistakes

Nothing more important that knowing your mistakes to improve yourself better. And yes, that always works. He must keep eyes on EVERY young players, notices how they played each game and tells them which mistakes they made. Giving them advises and pointing out the mistakes are considered to raise their talents and positive attitude for the sport. As a veteran, a coach is the only who can say if a player was too low to catch the ball, if he should change the position for a better vision, what he needs to interact with the ball line or if his gloves gone down too soon. Also, he can tell if a player is eligible to play in his current position or he should switch to another one. If a player has been doing terrible, he should not be ignored, he only needs more attention and leads for what he’s been missing.

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Honestly, coaches – not only baseball coaches are fathers on the field.They are not only doing their job, but they are also teaching and promoting the young talents to fall for what they’re playing.

3. Ask what your kids think

It is always, always the kids’s opinion. You’re investing on them. You need to know what they think and as if they want to quick or move on. Forget about the winning, you have to understand what they have learned, ask if they’re thoroughly understand the baseball fundamentals, how much of progress they have gained and what are the next steps on training that needed. This is a way to judge the coach as well. Once kids are open to share what they think (and of course they must be positive thoughts) you know the coach has been doing a good job. Kids are pure angels, they never lie. Be a friend, just come and tell them that you’re waiting to know how much they enjoyed the games and if there is any difficulties they’re having. I’m pretty sure you will be pleased when you see the kids adore their coach and they don’t hesitate to share what they think about the games and the lessons that they have learned.

4. Keep watching on your own

Of course – you are also a factor to make efficiency in this case. Watch the games each time you came up to see them on training. Again I remind you about the previous achievements and the current quality of training. A good training program should deliver good quality in present. Make these questions: How energetic are the players? Are they actually swinging and catching the balls? How many kids standing around but not doing anything? I feel literally anxious if I’m watching a “lazy-game” by seeing most of players not playing AT ALL. Well they might play good in the past and got prizes but we are advised to pay attention on the present quality. You’re paying off for it which means you have the right to stand up and make your own judgement. Come and ask the coach if you have any questions after the game is finished. It’s also a way of interacting between you and the leader. And surely, asking-understanding is a MUST for everything.

I hope those tips have given you a hand to choose the right travel baseball program for your child. It’s not easy to set a goal for a success. Please always remind that talents need training. It’s always fun and fresh to run, swing and smile under the sunshine. Kids are forced to study too much already. The pressure should be taken off. Now it’s time to allow them to take a chance to enjoy, grow and have fun!

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