5 Beautiful Beaches in Hue

Visiting Hue in hot days, tourists should not miss the opportunity to take a dip in the crystal clear water in Thuan An, Canh Duong and Ham Rong.

1. Lang Co Beach

5 Beautiful Beaches in Hue

Located about 70 km from Hue city to the south and 20km north of Da Nang, Lang Co beach has long been renowned water as one of Vietnam’s most beautiful beaches with white sand stretching over 10 km, and pure and blue sea water. In the period of from April to July, the atmosphere here is very pleasant and cool. Visitors coming to Lang Co will enjoy the fun like fishing, scuba diving, enjoying local dishes like fried crab cake soup or Lang Co oysters.

2. Thuan An Beach

5 Beautiful Beaches in Hue

Thuan An beach, where Huong (Perfume) river flows into Tam Giang lagoon and then flows into the East Sea, is about 13 km from Hue Citadel to the east. King Thieu Tri ranked it the 10th most beautiful sceneries in the “Than kinh nhi thap canh” (The 12 most beautiful sites of the Citadel). About 30 minutes travelling by motorbike from the center of the city, Thuan An beach of 12 km long has cool gentle waves. Visitors often come here at around April to September, when the weather is hottest. Guests can rent a tent, stay in wilderness right on the beach and unleash play in cool water. At night, visitors can stroll along the beach, or enjoy the taste of fresh fragrant seafood dishes grilled over charcoal.

3. Canh Duong beach

5 Beautiful Beaches in Hue

From Hue, going along Highway 1A about 70 km to the South, tourists arrive in Loc Tien commune (Phu Loc). From here, visitors turn left and go another 8 km to get close to Canh Duong beach, located next to Chan May port, Loc Vinh commune. Stretching over 8,000 meters, about 200 meters wide, white sandy beach stretching, the rows of casuarina, emerald sea… all create a poetic natural scenery captivating many tourists. Coming to Canh Duong is coming to the pristine beauty, enjoying the cool fresh air, dispelling the heat, tiredness, the hustle of everyday life. In addition, visitors will also be attracted by the various fresh seafood dishes with very affordable prices, such as steamed crabs, squid, shrimp, fish,…

4. Vinh Thanh Beach

About 30 km from Hue city to the southeast, Vinh Thanh beach is fascinating with sunny blue sky and white clouds, whispering waves, white foam, white sand stretching. With convenient transportation together with clean beaches, fresh and cheap seafood, Vinh Thanh is the choice of many tourists coming here in the summer.

5 Beautiful Beaches in Hue

In the early morning or evening, visitors can go to the beach and choose for themselves the fresh squid and blue crabs from the fishing boat docked, and then ask the restaurants or houses to process into fresh delicious but affordable food.
The characteristic image of Vinh Thanh is the fishing boats moored on the sand before voyage, then the image of peasants with tanned skin, gentle, hospitable and speak Hue accent. Natural scenery and life of people here create beautiful moments which every paparazzi surely always look forward to experiencing.

5. Ham Rong Beach

Located on the other side of Tam Giang lagoon – Cau Hai of Vinh Hien commune (Phu Loc), Ham Rong beach is an address that travelers who once came would like to come back. Although Ham Rong is not as famous as Lang Co, Canh Duong, Thuan An Beaches, this beach has a pretty nice location, poetic landscape with Thai Linh Mountain of 800 meters high behind and green forest patches embracing the nearly 6 km long beach.

5 Beautiful Beaches in Hue

There are 3 beaches here including Ham Rong, Dong Duong and Dam Beaches. Ham Rong seawater is always blue, and interspersed with populations of large and small rocks overlapping each other creating a beautiful natural scenery, visitors can soak in unleash, play with the white waves to drive away the tiredness, heat of the summer.

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