Top Places for Backpacking in Vietnam

Vietnam is home to jaw-dropping and stunning sceneries and landscape, beautiful countryside, colorful floating markets and boats, and vibrant local villages– just a few of the reasons why this country is loved by backpackers. If you are planning for a backpacking in Vietnam, here is a guide to the top places you can go to.

HANOI This is the country’s capital city. You may opt to start your backpacking adventure in this city. In Hanoi, you will find wonderful lakes and the quarter where many tourists go to. There are also museums, specifically the War Museum, markets, and cafes that should be on your list of places to visit. This place is also where you can find tribal villages and rice terraces. Do not miss going to Sapa, which is well-known for its ethnic tribes, waterfalls, and treks. From Hanoi, you can travel for two to three hours to go to Vietnam’s probably most famous sight, the Ha long Bay. Truly an amazing place, Halong will show you beautiful islets. This offers a romantic destination. But, please beware of scams.

hanoi capital

NINH BINH This is one of the friendliest towns in Vietnam. You will be welcomed by great smiles and greetings by the locals. The tourist destinations at Ninh Binh are the caves at Tam Coc, which can be reached through a motorcycle ride.

HUE This is one of the most favorite places in Vietnam by the tourists- a small town located in the east coast. The main site is the old or imperial citadel. This is also where you can discover bars and restaurants serving unforgettable Vietnamese cuisine. If you are also interested to know about Vietnam’s rich culture and war history, this is the place to go. Ride a bicycle to better experience and appreciate this place.

DANANG also has a number of wonderful sights to visit. This is an interesting place to go to as this is also the route to Hoi An, where you can have your clothes tailor-made for absolutely affordable prices, and where many amazing beaches are near. This ancient city has a wide variety of dresses, shoes, and suits. Oh, and the architecture of this area- a truly loveable place!

DIEU TRI (QUI NHON) This is home to deserted beaches and also to the Cham Temples.

NHA TRANG This is your seaside getaway go-to place! It offers sport activities and take note that the nightlife here is very much alive. The Cham Towers, as well as the Mud Baths, are must-sees! Although some say that this is not one of the best places to go to. Some backpackers prefer Mui Ne, where you will find sand dunes- natural scenery at its finest! Continue reading Top Places for Backpacking in Vietnam

Tips on how to save money when traveling to EUROPE

Hey, folks. Dreaming to visit Europe? Frankly, Europe stunning place. Everyone is dreaming of visiting this place. To feel the extraordinary of the country, the question do you have enough budget to explore this country? Or you are now preparing for your travel to New York? But, you don’t know what would be your strategies to save money while in Europe. Apparently, this country is intended for a wealthy man to visit. Oops! No. no. If you have just knowledge on how to save money when traveling to Europe. Then you can visit too. I may not be a rich man, and by that, I cannot visit the New York City. With proper and brilliant tips you can survive traveling to New York and explore the country at the lower cost.

Tips on how to save money when traveling to New York City

  1. KNOW YOUR PRIORITIES WHILE IN EUROPE– it is important to know your priorities, if you have the plan to visit those luxurious spotted in New York, Shopping, etc. then, check your money if it is suited for you. If not, enjoy the country at the lower cost.
  2. INVEST IN ALL ACCESS PREPAID CARD- Yes, as we all know, having a card in all access it is easy for us to have the discount in many ways.
  3. IF YOU HAVE PLAN TO BOOK A HOTEL, THEN BROWSE THE CHEAPEST THE HOTEL TO CHECK WITH – it is the best for a traveler to stay in the hotel, then have a little bit of knowledge about that hotel in the country, that offers a friendly accommodation, ambience and services as well.
  1. USE THE INEXPENSIVE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION- no to cab it may cost you a lot, and it will not help you to save money, instead, look for another subsidize for your transportation, you may take a bus for every destination you desire of. For the first timer to visit Europe, you can walk, feel the atmosphere of the city you chose to visit. Also, it helps you remember the place.
  2. LOOK FOR THE LOWEST RATE RESTAURANT- Definitely; look for a restaurant that offers the best food, services at the lower cost. We are in a city that every transaction you made it may cost expensive. Be strategies, discretion also has a huge part when traveling to New York.
  3. CONSIDER THE WEATHER- In New York; the weather is changing into winter, autumn, summer, and spring. Considering, you are in travel with an expected budget to expand while in Europe, absolutely, we want to visit or travel to Europe just to enjoy the happenings there, the event and much more. As I see, New York is offering a free event every on summer. By that, you can save money while enjoying the country.
  4. SHOPPING IN A LOCAL MALL- we are a traveler, everyone expected to have a souvenir. Then, don’t shop at an expensive mall just to have the souvenir for anyone. Instead, shop at a local mall. Surely, you can have the happiest travel.

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Motorcycle helmet safety tips

motorcycle helmet safe tip

Safety is always a must considered thing in the life of every human being. In every aspect of life and in everything you do, there must always be an important factor that you must keep in mind to protect you and the things around you. It is a vital role of every human being to protect him and keep him safe in any means because his own life and the lives of the people around him matters.

Check list of best motorcycle helmets safe 2016:

When it comes to motorcycle riders or drivers, it is also very important to take good care of his life and his possession. He must know how to care and protect himself and to keep his motorcycle in good hands. A motorcycle is just having two wheels. If you are going to compare it to other types of transportation having four to ten wheels, then a motorcycle is small. If you are on the road, it is true that you can easily pass and move along the road, but you have to consider your balancing and still you must consider your safety.

It is a must for a motorcycle driver or rider to put on their motorcycle helmet. In such way, you can protect yourself from the danger that might come along your way. You might be thinking that you are driving slowly, safely and you are in a safe road, so nothing wrong will happen to you on the road. That is also a good thinking, but always remember that driving a motorcycle is prone to accidents because of its size. And when accidents come your way, you can never tell when. No matter how careful you are, still you do not know what will happen. Continue reading Motorcycle helmet safety tips