best hiking shoes for wide flat feet

It is known that the foot is the most neglected part of our body. People mostly took it for granted but you need to take care of it more especially when choosing the right footwear. When hiking we spend most of our daytime, walking, standing and putting pressure to our feet. We also put so much weight in to it especially if we carry some medium to heavy loads. So the best way we can avoid injuries to our feet is by wearing the right shoes.

best hiking shoes for wide flat feet

Most people have narrow slender feet while there are some people who have much wider than average feet. And some people are flat footed meaning that they don’t have an arches in the middle part of their foot. Having that arch is good for shock absorption from ground when walking, running or jumping. Before there aren’t much shoes made for people with wide feet but now, there are a few great shoe manufacturers venturing into making wide toed shoes. And there are a few shoes made for arch support for those suffering from flat feet.

Here are some of the best hiking shoes for wide flat feet

  • Merrell Women’s Siren Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

This is a very sturdy hiking shoes that is made exploring. The materials used in this shoe are mesh uppers and grain leather that gives it rugged stylish look while making it durable. Your feet will thank you for this shoes cause it has Ortholite footbed that perfectly fit and supports you feet giving it comfort and shock absorption capabilities great for flat feet people.

  • KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe

This shoes is perfect for people who loves to hike and trek preferably ambitious travelers who wants to go experience the great outdoor like hiking steep and rugged terrain. It uses genuine leather material and underlay web mesh for support and comfort. To help hikers for torsion stability, it is incorporated with ESS shank that greatly supports the user for preventing ankle injuries. This shoe also have patented toe protection technology that protects your toes all the time especially when you stumble on hard objects. Like the previous shoe, this also has support for the foot for those with flat feet.

  • Merrell Women’s Salida Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

This is among the best hiking boots there is. It is seriously waterproof cause it uses M-Select Dry technology that really seals the water out. It has breathable lining, mesh uppers and grain leather giving it is nice rugged outdoor look while keeping the feet odor free, comfortable and well supported. The foot bed has antimicrobial solution that keeps your feet from smelling. The antimicrobial solution that they included in this shoe is perfect from keeping your feet from sweating and it kills any bacteria. About the traction and stability it provides, this shoe will not disappoint you; for me, it is 5 star all the way for comfort, traction and stability.

  • New Balance’s Dunham

This is among the series of New Balance Men’s Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof boot that is perfect for all kind of terrain. Like the other kinds of shoes earlier, it is also made of full grain leather but whats good about this one, is that it has toe guard that protects your toes. It is waterproof as well and really comfortable. It has extra wide for people with wider than usual feet and is designed for people with case of flat feet. Its rubber sole is very durable and provides really good grip which is especially handy when you are hiking slippery surface.

Those are the 4 best hiking shoes for wide flat feet that I can recommend. There are many other good brands out there, but what you should remember is first to analyze what you really need, what features you should have and what kind of terrain you are planning to explore. Not all shoes are made the same some are better than the other based on what is the hikers needs. So my advice is research first before buying. This way, you will enjoy your hike and also save up since you don’t have to buy many shoes because your first choice is not the one that you need.

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Jane Cuevas, mountaineer, explorer and photographer who loves going on a long hike with her husband to shoot in great photos of nature for magazines and outdoor websites.

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