Fighting With A Tactical Flashlight Efficiently

When you go out at night, you are usually afraid of being attacked by the strangers. And you need something else you can carry along with you to protect you in some cases. You cannot use the knife or the gun because of the policy of the government. But do not worry; a flashlight can become an alternative thing to support you. Let’s pass through the article to know how to fight with a flashlight.

Fire it up

As soon as you hear the sound like someone is following you, immediately turn on your flashlight. Use the tool and make the attacker be impossible to see where you are. If you need, the highest level can be used. You have to remember that the light needs to focus directly on his face.

via The Best Tactical Flashlight Buyers Guide
via The Best Tactical Flashlight Buyers Guide

Hit first

After you make the opponent become blinded by the flashlight, you have to act right at that time in case he gets used to the light. Can you run away? Or you have to fight to the attacker. If you choose to fight, do it immediately. You should focus all of your strength on the hit in order that the opponent cannot attack you back.

Strengthen your blow

In the case that you do not have enough strengthen to hit the attacker. The blow of the flashlight is your partner at that time. By a hit with the blow, the opponent is believed to lie on the ground. If you use your hand, you will make yourself hurt and it’s also useless to the attacker.

Target sensitive areas

When fighting to protect the lives of yourself or your family, you do not feel the mercy. The next thing you have to notice is that you need to hit the sensitive areas. They are his eyes, head, nose or his throat. Do not lose your time or your force in the other areas like his back or legs. That is useless to attack them. Moreover, you should take advantage of the metal material of the flashlight to attack the opponent. Because the metal is really hard, he will feel much more painful.

Call for help

There is no need for you to spend all your time hitting the attacker. In the case you are just alone here and you are able to run away, let’s leave after hitting him. But there are other people here and they cannot leave because of their scary, the smartest way for you at this time is to call the police. All the entire work belongs to the police.

The sharp bezel

In the market today, there are a lot of the best tactical flashlight brands available. And especially, there are some types which come along with the bezels. The bezels are very pointed as well as sharp. The function of them is to break the hard material things like the glass window.

Thinking in another way, the bezels can become a good tool to hit the opponent. And similarly, you need to focus on the sensitive areas to attack. The bezels are really sharp so they can create the cuts on the opponent’s throat or his wrist.

Give a companion to your gun

This case is quite rare in reality. When you go out at night, you maybe keep a gun to protect yourself. It’s very dark so you cannot shoot exactly. A flashlight is really useful at this time when attached it to the weapon. And now you will become much more confident to shoot the target.

These tips will support you a lot in many cases. A tactical flashlight is a useful tool you need to have. But as you know, in some situations, you have to use your strengthen. And an essential thing you need to do every day is to practice exercises. You will feel more confident when you have to face to a real attacker. At that time, we hope you can solve the problem smartly. A tactical flashlight is a useful tool you need to have.

About the author: Sindy Lou, an American expert for choosing the best military-grade flashlights, has been working as a reviewer for the famous brands of this self-defense weapon. From this article, she definitely gives you some useful information you should take into consideration in case you desire to choose the best flashlights. Hope that all of her shares can be your best reference.

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