How to use your waders for summer river fishing

How do you feel at the first time you wear a pair of waders in the late summer with the temperature above 90 degrees? It’s hard to imagine that you’ll be comfortable for fishing. However, when your feet are in the water, you’ll feel refreshed. You’ll understand that it’s never too hot to be in the water while wearing waders.

Follow the habit of fish. When it’s hot, the fish will find the refuge in the cooler areas of the river. Spots, like rocky places of shoals or deep pockets along the shaded banks, provide cooler temperatures and more oxygen for fish. Thus, when you wade in one hour or longer, using best breathable waders and well worth boots for summer helps you beat the heat.

Breathable waders

The best lightweight breathable waders are suitable for most conditions. Fishing in warmer weathers, your underneath should be as light as needed. If it’s the coldest weather and water, you should put on more layers under the waders. There are multiple brands in the market at the reasonable prices.

Wading boots

The boot and stocking foot

You can buy the boots attached already to the waders or the stocking feet to put on under the wading boots. They’re useful depending on your fishing destinations, though the stocking foot waders offer more versatility. You always can change to the other type if you feel uncomfortable or they wear out. Plus, you can only wear the boots with the waders when it’s too hot.

When buying the stocking foot waders, choose a pair fitting your foot size. You will suffer from injuries if getting additional materials crammed in the boot, or sore toes because of the too tight booties.

The ankle support

The good boots also offer additional ankle support for stepping on the uneven, rocky grounds or riverbeds. Boots including cinched tight laces work best. Waders attached with boots have a loose fist and sometimes don’t ensure the ankle support, especially for small framed anglers.

The felt soles

Felt bottom soles attached to boots are widely used since they offer traction on slippery surfaces and rocky riverbeds. Recently, because the species of invasive aquatic plants widely spread in the water, some places ban using felt-line soles for wading and fishing. The slow, drying felt often unintentionally transport plants to other places. Composite or rubber soles with metal studs have been more prevalent in the wading boots.

The buying boot guide

When buying wading boots, you should ensure to try them with your neoprene booties or waders for the fit. It’s better to buy a pair with the larger size, because:

  • When boots are wet and dry at many times, they will tend to be tighter.
  • If you wade in cold days and water, your feet get more numb since they’re cramped inside the waders and socks. Thus, a larger pair offers more space for your toes to move and make them less numb.

The wader length

Waders are specially designed for women and men and multiple brands also offer tall lengths. It’s always best to use the boots long enough for your legs. When the crotch becomes baggy, walking on shorelines or rocks is more difficult.

The wader accessory

The belt

For choosing accessories, you should carry a good belt for your waders. An adjustable belt is always the best option. When you fall suddenly into the water, the belt will help to prevent water from entering and filling your waders. That can make you harder to walk and destroy your good fishing trip.

The sunglasses

Carrying polarized sunglasses should be a must. They help to easily navigate an uneven or rocky bottom and find the safe place for your next step.

The staff

You need also a staff to balance on murky water and uneven bottoms. When buying a wading staff, you should choose a design that you can fold in a foot length and attach to the wading belt.

To sum up, summer is always an ideal season for anglers. However, it’s extremely important to choose suitable fishing gears for the good trip. Then, when it’s hotter, you can relax and hunt fish with your waders in the cool stream. Be safe and enjoyable during your summer trip!

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