Hue City tour 1 day

When it comes to historical places in the Southeast Asia, you must not fail to come and visit the tourist attractions in Vietnam. During the wars and the reigns of the Emperors, a colorful history was recorded. Looking back at those times will make you realize that history played a big part on what you have become. One of the most visited places in Vietnam is Hue City, which is located in the central part of Vietnam. Hue is the national capital of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945. It is where the Nguyen Dynasty Emperor’s seat.

Among the most famous tourist attractions in Hue are the Imperial City, the Thien Mu Pagoda, the Tomb of Khai Dinh, the Mieu, the Thai Hoa Palace and the Mount Ngu Binh.  Aside from exploring the wider history of the Hue City, there are many things that you can do in Hue to enjoy your tour to the fullest. You may move around the city and enjoy shopping and boat riding, go to the park, beach and resorts. A day is not really enough to go around the Hue City, but let me give you an idea about a day tour in the city of Hue.

Hue city tour

On your trip to Hue, you have to start touring early in the morning so that you can reach your destination on time. You will be given a particular time to spend for each of the destinations. You will have 60 minutes to explore the Minh Mang Tomb. You will have another 40 minute tour to the Khai Dinh Tomb. Also 40 minute tour is given to your Tu Doc Tomb exploration. You will also be given a chance to visit the Conical Hat Making Village and the Incense Making Village for 20 minutes. For the Kinh Van An Martial Art tour, you will have 30 minutes to spend. You need to go back to the town to have lunch. Traditional foods, Asian foods and Western dishes are available and served.

After lunch, you are going to continue your Hue City tour. You will be given time to explore the Hue Citadel. This historic site in Hue was first constructed under Gia Long, who was the first among the Nguyen Dynasty emperors. You will have about 90 minutes to explore the site. You will also have 30 minutes to visit the Thien Mu Pagoda. Before ending the Hue City, you will be given enough time to enjoy the Perfume River. You will also see the fishing villages and the sampan along your boat trip. Continue reading Hue City tour 1 day

Top things to do Ho Chi Minh City

Traveling will always be fun. Who doesn’t want to go out of the country, especially if you are going to visit the most popular places in the world? I guess, nobody would like to miss that event when your family or friends are all set to have a tour. Going to different countries and checking out the tourist spots will always be an experience that you may treasure for the rest of your life. You can never imagine yourself when it comes to the happiness and excitement that tourist places can give upon stepping in that place.

When it comes to traveling, you must not fail to visit the beautiful countries in the Southeast Asia. You may go to Vietnam and explore. Discover the tourist destinations in the Ho Chi Minh City and you will surely have the best experience. Start booking your tour packages while summer is still on. This is the best time to move out of your bed and catch the flights to Vietnam. Many travel agencies are listed online, so choose the one that best suits the package tour that you want. Ho Chi Minh City is waiting for you to come.

There are so many things to do in Ho Chi Minh City. If you would like to know more about the history of Vietnam during the Wars, then it is not enough to read about them. It is best if you can have a chance to feel the place. So, check out the War Remnants Museum, the Cu Chi Tunnels and the Reunification Palace. Those are the most relevant spots that you must see.

In the War Remnants Museum, you may find some war transports such as, tanks and airplanes. You may also check out the photos, exhibits and documentation about the Wars. The Cu Chi Tunnels are where the Viet Cong stayed and before you move around the tunnel, you will be watching a movie to understand why this tunnel is important. The Reunification Palace is important because it is where Vietnam had their victory.

You may check out the buildings where you can really see the beauty of French Architecture. The Central Post Office, which was opened in 1891 was preserved and the Notre Dame Cathedral, which still holds masses; are also the most visited spots in the Ho Chi Minh City. Continue reading Top things to do Ho Chi Minh City

Japan traveling guide 2016

Incredible, striking, and welcoming, Japan is one of the best tourist spots. Even it cost too much, Japan is the well-known destination in the world. Japan is modern and hi-tech habitation but very rich in culture and tradition. The modernization of this country never destroys politeness and respect of their historic story. Visiting Japan is a dream-like achievement for anyone.

Japan has fantastic food, stunning temples and sanctuaries, Zen gardens, national parks, and culture with a long and rich history. All of these can be enjoyed and must be experienced by everyone.Though costly, there is more way to make Japan journey more affordable. For travelers, here are some guide that will make their Japan trip worthy.

Japan travel guide 2016

Cost usually comprises Transportation, Accommodation, Food, and Activities. There are some ways to cut cost but never decreased pleasure.


Japan has modern means of transportation but extremely costly. Trains transportation are the fastest but most expensive way to travel. A train coupon from Tokyo to Osaka can rate around 25,000 JPY. Most of the city couponsrate100-250 JPY for only one trip.

However keep in mind that the main cities offer unlimited travel. These unlimited travel can be achieved when you grab a day pass. If you plan a lot of travel around Japan, it is advisable to get a JR Pass.Transportation in the country is very costly, but if you can get JR Pass, you can save money. The pass cost around 1,000 JPY on select trains and will give you whole day trip on chosen destination. Buses are the most economical option to travel. Inter-city bus tickets cost around 2,500 JPY.


Inns will charge between 1,500-4,000 JPY per night for a dorm type unit. Pod hostels cost between 2,500-6,000 JPY for a small and tiny room. A double room will cost 7,000-8,500 JPY.

Couch was surfing one way to cut cost for accommodation.Through hospitality sites like couch surfing will let you to stopover with locals. Try to couch surf earlier. By couch surf, you can find the place to stay for free and will make you interact and learn about local life. These will also make your visit to Japan more meaningful. Continue reading Japan traveling guide 2016

Vietnam to Cambodia in five days

Do not have the luxury of time to experience Vietnam and Cambodia? Here is a guide in planning your travel from Vietnam to Cambodia in just five truly awesome days!

DAY 1 You will arrival at Phnom Penh International Airport. After checking in your chosen hotel, start this five-day epic tour with the traditional vehicle cyclo as your ride. This vehicle cyclo remains to be one of the cheapest ways to go around the city.

Make your first stop at the Royal Palace, which was originally built by King Norodom in 1866. Within the Royale Palace, do not miss visiting the Silver Pagoda, which is a place made up of 5,000 silver tiles. After Silver Pagoda, proceed to the legendary temple of Wat Phnom from which Phnom Penh was founded. During your first night, enjoy sunset cocktail, appetizers, dinner, barbeque, and unlimited drinks while you are on cruise along the Phnom Penh riverfront. This cruise will take you from the Japanese Friendship Bridge to Koh Pich Island, and then across Mekong River, among the floating fishing villages.

DAY 2 Spend your Day 2 at the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek. In this field, the massive genocide took place, when millions of people were killed and buried during the Khmer Rouge regime, from 1975 to 1979. Next, do not forget to go to Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (S-21). This museum was used as a prison by Pol Pot’s security forces and considered as the largest detention center during the said Khmer Rouge regime. Continue reading Vietnam to Cambodia in five days