The Best Golf Rangefinder with Great Features

For enthusiastic golf players who intend to raise their game, they may think about laser golf rangefinders to control the powerful hitting of the ball to the length between the hole and them. However, you can see multiple models available today, so how to select the one for helping your future games?

In this article, we show you the great guide about choosing the best golf rangefinder for your needs. Here are features and specialty you should consider when shopping.

The accuracy

When thinking about golf devices, players often choose the golf laser rangefinder because of the higher accuracy of measuring distances within a yard. Until today, that aspect is tried, checked out, and popularly used by many consumers. Other tools such as GPS can also provide the similar accurate rates recently, but no all models can do that. Thus, when a golfer wants to get the correct distance measurements, they often use golf rangefinders instead of other devices.

The cost ranges

The second important consideration is how much you will spend on a golf rangefinder when shopping. Generally, you can find this product at both low and high cost, but the cheaper item often can’t work well. If you have a tight budget, the middle unit is a good selection for you.

The minimum range

This is the shortest distance the rangefinder can measure between you and the object. Most of them are from 5 – 10 yards; however, this aspect is as useful as the maximum range. The reason is the two-yard variance in what your device counts and the practical distance.

The maximum range

This feature has an influence on the cost ranges. The leading rangefinders have the largest distance of one thousand yards, while some models only measure from 500 – 600 yards. The average distance golfers often drive is around 214 yard so the top devices are also not perfect choices in some cases. However, when you intend to use your rangefinder for hunting or similar outdoor activities, the range of one thousand yards is a good thing to consider.

The magnification

This feature of the rangefinder allows you advantageously play with the long drive on the ground and identify something in the way. The leading products provide the magnification of 5x or 6x so that you have a broad monocular sight of obstacles behind or ahead of you.

The dimensions

The size ranges of golf rangefinders can decide that you should carry it with you or store it in the car. If you want something small enough to fit the pocket, choosing a compact rangefinder is a good option. On the other hand, you need to keep a balance between the needed features and convenient size when selecting a model, such as the water resistant feature and the maximum range

The ranges of weight

The same consideration with choosing the size, you can notify this when looking for a rangefinder for sale. This aspect also impacts on the effectiveness you will gain from your new support. It’s ideal to own a small and light device within full features. Thus, you can easily and quickly carry around, storing as well as transporting. The average weight is about six ounces but the lightest option is only 4.4 ounces.

The included case

When you move around the courses or between different courses, prepare the golf clubs, you can require the good case within a carabiner clip or lanyard to protect the rangefinder. In this case, your device comes with the water resistant feature, a secure case is a useful accessory for transport safely and heavy downpours. You can consider cases made of tough nylon or hard fabrics.

The rules of golf tournaments

If you intend to use the rangefinder in tournaments, certainly you should know thoroughly their rules about this device before shopping. Some features are illegal in competitions and local games, devices coming with basic possibilities often are permitted in most leagues.

Today, the golf rangefinder is continuously updated and improved with extremely practical and useful features. Using the high-quality device, you won’t worry about the coverage of golf courses when it’s point and hits something. Finally, look at several golf rangefinder reviews so that you certainly get the right thing for your requirements.

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