Time of the Year to Buy an Above Ground Swimming Pool

Now that you are here, I assumed that you have chosen already to buy and Above Ground Swimming Pool instead of the traditional in-ground pools. Great job! Now I will show you when is the best time in the year to get this amazing above ground pool.

Let me go over the prices, the cost of the above ground swimming pools depends on the time in the year. It usually is cheaper during the cold season usually October and all throughout winter but it will start to increase as the spring to summer approaches. So I strongly suggest you buy when it is still cheaper. Just store it in your storage  or any place in the house where you can properly keep it.  The only downside for this is if you did not check it if it has a problem you can’t return it to where you purchased it for replacement which is about less than 60 days.

Types of Above Ground Swimming Pool and which to get

There are many types of this kind of pool. They vary on sizes, materials and shapes. You can base which one you like depending on the size of your area, how many people  you want to use it and what material you want. The are some pools that use PVC materials or soft vinyl and some even have inflatable rings that is used  to support the whole pool. Some pools use metal frames that supports the pool which is much sturdier and holds the water better.

When choosing the pool always see to it that what you will choose is sturdy and made of durable materials that will surely last many years. It will take the fun out of having your own pool if you spend a lot of time patching holes, buying spare parts and fixing it as well as draining the water just to have it fixed. So to save you all those trouble make sure you are choosing something that is strong and will not drain your money. Lets face it, buying parts and having things repaired coared costs us money and if we keep on doing that instead of huge savings, you will just spend a lot more than what you bargained for.

When it comes to shaped there are lots of shapes you can choose from. It varies from squares, rectangle, oval and circles. The shape can depend on the uses you want to do or how big your area is.

When picking the size, you should only think of 2 things: How big is your area and how many people should use it. The number of people will also depend on the use like if you plan to use it only for family or you plan to use it for parties where there are lots of people.

Brands to choose for the Above Ground Swimming Pool

Getting the most popular is the best way or safest choice when buying this product. I suggest either Bestway or Intex brands cause they have great customers service and they will help you with issues with your pool. Another great thing about getting from popular brands is that you can find replacement parts faster like accessories, heaters or filters that will fit well.

Some questions that will help you have a firm decision on why Opt for an Above Ground Swimming Pool

  1. Fast Installation
    1. Setting up an above ground swimming pool is fast and very convenient.
    2. ItIt will only take you about a few minutes to an hour to get it set up and you can use it right away
    3. All the parts you need are included
    4. Directions of how to set it up are included in the pack
  2. Safety
    1. If you have small kids this is really a good choice, that is because it is elevated above ground, small kids wont be able to climb up and drown
    2. Kids won’t easily dive into the water
    3. And if you don’t use it you can just disassemble it for safe keeping
    4. There are many choices as well for appropriate ages.
  3. What is included in with the Pack
    1. Basic parts depending on the type you are getting
    2. Aside from the pool some have liners, filter pumps, ladders and other accessories that you might need
    3. Please check the product description before purchasing

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Valeria Demitriv, a mother and a sales consultant for Intex products in Los Angeles, California.

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