Top tactical knives on the market

When it comes to tactical knives, there are various things that come to one’s mind. The first thing that they can think about seeing a tactical knife is danger or this knife can be used to intentionally threaten or hurt someone. Basically, if you do not know the person with this type of knife, then you will really feel suspicious. It is indeed normal to think like that. But, if you personally know this person carrying a tactical knife, then you feel nothing and your thinking won’t question someone carrying it.

You must be aware that tactical knives are used for various reasons. A person carries or brings a tactical knife because he needs it for his type of job, he needs it for self-defence and maybe he needs it for indoor or outdoor activities.

Things to consider when choosing a tactical knife

If you are looking for a tactical knife, then you have to consider some factors. These factors may serve as your guide in choosing the best tactical knife because there are various products and manufacturers of tactical knives and it is sometimes confusing to choose one.

Size of the Blade

The size of the blade that you are going to buy is necessary. Especially, if the knife’s purpose is for your self-defence. The training that was thought to you for your self-defence and the comfort that the knife gives you goes with the size of the blade. Do you have a training that goes with the slashing or the piercing?

The usual sizes of the blades available for a tactical knife are from 4 to six inches. If you are trained to use a longer blade, then it is also available. Just use the size that suits your needs.

The Weight of the Knife with Sheath

How would you like to use the tactical knife? How much weight can you carry in your pocket or pouch? This will depend on your ease and comfort. Again, choose the one that best suits your needs.

Cost of the Tactical Knife on the Market

The cost of tactical knives varies. There are cheaper ones and there are also expensive ones. This will now depend on your budget. Choose the one that you can afford. As long as the function and quality of the blade is good for you, then you may grab it.

Top Tactical Knife Reviews

For additional information, we have here some of the top products available on the market. These products may also serve as your basis in choosing the best tactical knife.

On top is the Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife, which is one of the best tactical knives with a fixed blade. This high-quality tactical knife is designed for general purposes. It measures 7 inches long. And it weighs 11.2 ounces. It is ideal for self-defence and any indoor or outdoor activity. It has a 20-degree grind sharp blade. That is thick enough and a strong blade.  It is also designed with a 1095 Crovan Steel material. It is also rust-resistant. It has a handle and sheath made of leather material.

Our second top option is the Spyderco Paramilitary Tactical Knife, which is the best folding tactical knife on the market. The sharp blade is constructed with an S30V steel material. It measures 8.3 inches long, but the blade alone is only 3.4 inches. The blade thickness measures 3.5 mm or 0.141 inches. And it weighs 4 ounces. The blade is designed with a thumb hole. It has an adjustable pivot system for convenient deployment and retention of the blade. On the back of the handle is a compression lock for safety use.  This tactical knife is an ideal lightweight knife for self-defence and daily activities.

Those are the top options for the best tactical knives on the market. These knives can be used for combat, self-defence, indoor activities and outdoor activities. But, the decision is still yours because you still need to consider the cost of the tactical knives. Again, do not forget that the size of the blade and its weight is also essential, especially if you need to carry the tactical knife every day for your self-defence or as a part of your job.

Jean likes carrying a tactical knife where ever she goes. Especially, if she is out with family and friends for some outdoor activities. She finds a tactical knife useful and easy to carry rather than long type of knives.”

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